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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jefferson Park Jubillee and 36th WW Sketchcrawl

What a gem for Beacon Hill and the City!  This was once the site of two reservoirs a small park with only one of those old merry go round play structures.  Mark Smedley said parents used to check the park for needles and such before letting their kids play.  The community has been working on building this park up since Mayer Norm Rice.  After 9-11 the city decided to lid our reservoirs.  With the activism, the support of the Beacon Hill community and the support of the City of Seattle this beautiful Park was realized.  It boasts of large Cricket Fields, skate board park, children's play area,  water park...the covered picnic shelters and the Mountain Outlook have solar panel roofs..the electricity generated from that powers the fountains of the waterpark,  there is a short zip line for kids, amphi-theatre....the community center and driving range.    What a gift for the community! 

About 9 Seattle Sketchers were on hand to document the opening ceremonies and the park.

Here are the sketches I did of that day.
Jubilee Celebrations Taiko Drummers

Jubilee Celebration With the Women's Samoan Cricket Team and Bon Odori Performers

View from the Mountain Outlook with Solar Panel roof.


  1. Great sketches that capture the festivities. Wish I'd been there.

  2. I agree with Jane. These provide a wonderful visual description of the day, Gail!

  3. Thanks guys! Trying to get out of drawing just buildings and being able to capture an event.