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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Nuclear Reactor Building University of Washington

Urban sketchers are sketching buildings that are on the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation's current and past watch lists of  endangered buildings.  These sketches will be auctioned at a annual WHTP fundraiser coming up in May.  Urban sketchers non profit will also receive a portion of the proceeds from this auction.

I chose to sketch the Nuclear Reactor Building on the UW Campus.  It was built in 1961 by TAAG (The Architects Artist Group)  including Architects Wendell Lovett, Daniel Streissguth, George Zema, Structural Engineer Gerard Torrence, and artist Spencer Moseley.  It was built as a research reactor for the  Nuclear Engineering program at UW.  Instead of hiding the research activity this expressive concrete structure was designed with glass walls wrapping the building allowing observers to watch the experiments taking place within.  It is currently slated to be demolished as a result of the University Master Plan which was adopted in 2004.
Just an aside Wendell Lovett was my first studio professor at the University of Washington.