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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Richland and Santa Barbara

I've been on a search for sunshine lately. . . 
was in Richland this weekend for a 90th bd party. 
Took a break and went down to the river bank to catch 
a lovely warmish Sunday morning. 

In late March I visited my sister, Beth, in Santa Barbara: 

La Superica was a taqueria on Milipas -- Scruptious!

 Our Lady of Mount Carmel near downtown SB. Charming chapel with folk art decor and lovely garden and courtyard. 
Paradise cafe. We sat under a heat lamp and watched the rain form a river in the street. 
So much for the search for sun. 

Santa Barbara City Hall. Wish I'd taken the time to hike the stairs to the tower for the 360 degree view.
All in all a lovely visit and I'm eager to return to SoCa soon.  

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  1. cold hues but really warm when looked at the context of the picture. subtle yet great execution. :)