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Friday, Jan. 18: "Gab & Grab"

Thursday, April 12, 2012

More Jury Time Sketches

From inside City Hall looking across 4th Ave to the big hole.

 I ended up being on a longer case, so was able to spend time on my lunch break doing more sketches.
The weather also improved which allowed me to sit outside most days.

Dan Seng joined me one lunch and we sketched
 the Dragon Gate to the International District.

Dan also showed me the renovated waiting hall
 at the Union Train Station. A great space to return with more time.
 I came back the next day because the weather was damp again.

The North Tower at Century Link Field

A 10 minute sketch in the morning
of  the Henry Moore sculpture in front of the
old Seafirst Tower.  A delivery truck was blocking part of my view.
Between deliberations on my final day,
 I sat in the plaza of City Hall and sketched the space above 4th Ave looking south.
 The King County Administration Building and the KC Courthouse
 flank the street and are a real contrast in styles (only the prisoner secure sky bridge connects the two).