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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Sunday, April 22, 2012

International Sketchcrawl: Seattle Center 50 year celebration

Seven of us showed up at the 50 year celebration of the Seattle World's Fair at Seattle Center. It was very festive and a kazillion people. We sketched to the tunes of Elvis, Chuck Berry, the Beatles, and the Monkeys - to name a few. Very fun and some really nice sketches. I'll post mine later this week. 

Here is Kate Buike's sketch of the Chihully gardens:

Here's my (Jane W) sketches from the day:
 A classic pink caddy to go with the Elvis tunes.

 A juxtaposition of two different views while basking in the sun outside Starbucks.

Under the Needle. You can't see the crowds in the background. But you can see Kate sketching in the left. I ran into my old boss, Ralph Munro while sitting there. A number of other officials were gathering to go up for a luncheon. 

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  1. Jane,
    very nice sketches!
    I always enjoy seeing your posts.
    I love the caddy.