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Monday, March 19, 2012

Old Rainier Brewery Site

Had a great time with all the other sketchers on Sunday.  It has been good to meet everyone and now I can put faces to the sketches that I see on the Seattle USK site.  This is definately a wonderful bunch of people that enjoy sharing their view of the world.

This is the first view I sketched from underneath the light-rail overpass.  The rain slowed down enough, but I still tried to work fast because of the cold was setting into my hands.  (Gabi standing down the street sketching)

My next view in the alley with Gabi again sketchingin my view!

Before heading to the wine tasting I discovered that even the heavy equipment on the south end of the site had great colors too.

Thanks Bart for letting us come in from the rain and cold and try your wine.
I am looking forward to enjoying the bottle I purchased sometime soon. 

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