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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Monday, October 31, 2011

October in Jingdezhen

This alley has many karaoke clubs, with names such as Happy 2008, and 888,
leftover from the 2008 Olympics held in Beijing.
 (8 is considered a lucky number representing prosperity.
That's why the Olympics opened at 8:08:08 on 8/8/08.)
Chinese style bathroom. No shower curtain- the water goes everywhere
and drains out through the hole next to the sink.
You must watch your footing while you shower so you don't step in the squat toilet.
Water is shut off each night around 11, and resumes at 6am.
At least I have water- students all walk to the wood-fire-heated Bathing House. 
An abandoned wood kiln at the West Virginian Exchange Students' studio.

For every hour I sit drawing, I spend three wandering around 
looking at the overwhelming amount of clutter there is to draw here.