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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Looking North, Westlake Mall Balcony

This is a recent etching looking north from Union Square.  On a Copper plate I drew the scene with an etching needle directly onto the metal from observation.  The sheet copper was actually industrial surplus copper from Alaska Copper and Brass South of the City.  The security guard said, "NO CHAIRS outside" so I sat on the ground of the outside deck getting a great angle.  I like the messy pinwheeling of people around the Nordstrom building, and as for messy  Eric Sloane says, "Lucky is the artist whose quick sketch and finished work are both the same thing.  Those like Heinrich Kley who used his pen 'like the lariat of a temperamental cowboy' ".  


  1. Welcome back, Jared. I love your quote. Knowing when a sketch is finished is always a challenge. I will try to keep in mind that lariat.
    Beautiful etching.

  2. Lovely etching. I love the viewpoint. Do you have a press?