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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pike Place Market

Did the line drawing for this sketch in November and got new watercolors yesterday so I tested them out on my old sketch. 


  1. Curious minds want to know: what new colors did you get?

  2. Nice going Gail! Looks good to me. Frank B

  3. I went to Daniel Smith yesterday with a 20% off and picked up a triad that had mayan yellow, Pyrol red, and Serpentine Genuine, then I also picked up Rare Green Earth and Blue Apatite Genuine. The Serpentine and Blue Apatite are the prima Tek colors with a lot of granulation. Kind of fun! But I also have Red Madder in the painting, Rich Green gold and some Dioxazine Purple.

  4. Perfect. That is the Market. I can hear and smell the whole thing, by looking at your drawing painting. Thanks for the color list too.