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Monday, July 11, 2011

Construction site

Stopped by the Fairwood Shopping Center for a coffee and a sketch. They tore down the vacant QFC building and are putting in a L.A. Fitness. There goes my excuse that the gym is too far away......

Pen and ink with a watercolor wash.


  1. great sketch, Mark! Hmm, what does it mean, replacing groceries with pay-to-exercise? Still too far away for me.

  2. It seems like it is a heavy duty site. The sketch seems like an actual reflection of the activity.

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  3. Wow your sketch is good. It is hard to draw moving objects, harder to watercolor them.

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  4. I bet this project will take a lot of time and money. Nice artwork though.


  5. Seems like you had managed to sketch that construction site pretty quick. I wish I also have the talent to draw as good as that.


  6. You have a licensed general contractor here right? The building is quite huge. it may take a lot of time. I'm excited to see this new mall,though.

  7. Pretty inventive. You could promote this to contemporary furniture los angeles shop for them to have an idea about their furniture, chairs and tables.

  8. Having an industrial elevator in a construction site really helps workers in terms of transportation. This is very important for faster construction.

  9. Sand, cranes, hoists, industrial elevators and big metal blocks basically mean construction. I love how you put included them all in your piece. - Chelsea A.

  10. I can add a little detail to the sketch: the precision laser! Green laser technology is now used in the modern industry.

    - Chloe

  11. As much as I hate construction in progress, I have to admit I kinda get excited with the establishment that's gonna open in the area. I guess I just have to bear the noise and the dust that goes with it.

    -Bethany Morrison