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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rat City Roller Girls at Key Arena

There were many more fans than I drew but I was trying to watch the game (and eat popcorn, super spicy chips and licorice).


  1. I love this! Can we share it with our fans? So cool!

    -Kitty Kamikaze, RCRG

  2. woah! that is awesome! Yes, the chips are spicy
    Scarlet Leather RCRG

  3. Very cool, I like the light effortless feel of this sketch.

    Ed Harowicz, Derby Widow

  4. Nice drawing - both Jammers get minors for being over the Jam line.

  5. hey I think I sat next to this guy at the last bout I went to. Rat City fans are Awesome

  6. It'd be more accurate if you showed Grave Danger knocking over the half-stack.