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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A great sketch setting

There was something for everyone at Elliot Bay Park. It was a new discovery for many of us. We had several hours of good sketching in peek a boo sun. Here is my sketch of the grain elevators. I've never seen them up close before. While we were sitting there, we could hear a whoosh, whoosh as a nearby Panama ship was being loaded. (or unloaded?)


  1. Peggy, great sketch! You really captured this massive "beast."

  2. Yeah, I wouldn't have touched this 'beast' with a 10-foot pole. Or pen. Nice work perfectly capturing the volume.

  3. Great sketch of the grain elevators. That is just how it feels to be there.

  4. Really lovely colors. It looks like a spring garden instead of a concrete industrial structure.