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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Seattle Public Library

Enjoyed everyone's interior views of the Seattle Public Library. Here’s an exterior view of the iconic building by OMA/Koolaus. Normally, I think irregular forms are easier to draw since it is more difficult to see errors in geometry, scale and proportion. But in this case, proportion does matter. Beneath the gridded facets, you might be able to see my initial attempts in roughing out the forms, which were too narrow given the building’s height. I kept increasing the width as the drawing developed. In looking at the drawing now, it seems that it could be wider still. Nevertheless, an interesting challenge.


  1. wonderful composition. you balance gravity and light so nicely every time!

  2. Frank,
    I love this view with the Henry Moore in the foreground. Great value and contrast. I like seeing the process lines.

  3. Great choice with the Moore in the foreground contrasting two forms of organic. I like the tentative construction lines - it gives the sketch energy.