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Friday, May 24: Folklife

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Folklife Festival - Seattle

I've been going to the Folklife Festival for almost 30 years and over time it really hasn't changed much (a good thing I think). It has a tendency to get very crowded mid-afternoon even when it's raining. It's a celebration of music, cultures and many different lifestyles and has yet to disappoint when it comes to people watching and sketching.


  1. Lively characters! Great people do you do it. People move around so much.

  2. Gail, I tend to choose people who look like there not moving any time soon (watching a performance or playing an instrument). I'm definitely not Gabi or Frank quick.

  3. Love these guys. Great gesture and use of color. Anybody who can even get w/c's to dry in this weather, let alone paint them, is a better artist than I.
    Hey! I can post!

  4. really wonderful captures, terrific humor and spirit, and subjects all blissfully unaware you have their souls on paper. Ha!

  5. these are great Mark! the sketches and the characters have lots of personality!