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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More Pioneer Square...

I was pretty intimidated by the Pergola so I just kept telling myself, "One line at a time."
I'm hoping to go back and give this some color sometime soon.

I love all the colors in the storefronts at Pioneer Square. 
Chose the J&M because one of my sisters used to work in the cafe. 
Next time I'm going for a corner shot that includes the whole scene.


  1. Wonderful sketches. Yes wasn't the pergola daunting!
    Your line drawing came out beautifully.
    Love the colors and character of the storefront sketch.

  2. rich and beautiful! so glad to see this through your eyes!

  3. 'One line at a time' is a great lesson, I'll remember that one. Great job on both sketches - really liked the detail of the railing and columns in the line drawing.

  4. love how you did the Pergola, very well composed!

  5. I love your drawing and think the one line at a time is a great reminder. Thanks!