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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Monday, April 19, 2010

Here's my depiction of the Smith Tower. When built it was the most-windowed building west of the Mississippi, and the tallest too. If I had remembered to bring my window stamp and ink pad that would have speeded things up, but you always forget something... Hey I like old buildings as much as the next sketcher, but don't you think they have too many windows? I do now.


  1. Tim, sorry for your pain, but believe me it was worth it for the greater good, this is stupendous!

  2. I agree. You have such patience, It's beautiful.

  3. Tim,
    How did you have the patience to sketch Smith Tower?
    I would have been lost in all the windows and probably cut off a few floors by accident.

  4. Amazing. That's it isn't it--patience, perserverence, and skill. Beautiful.