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Monday, February 22, 2010

Peets Coffee in Fremont

It was a great day on Sunday. Sunny and dry!!! I love this building. It is a bit ornate but reminds me of Gaudi. So I took the whole time to just draw it.
Started the water color but everyone came back and I didn't have a chance to finish. I came back this morning to finish final touches on the watercolor.


  1. oh my god, Gail! fantastic sketch!! so glad to see the world through your eyes and hands!

  2. I bow to your courage in sketching this building. Great job!

  3. So good! I see you got the Baguette Box in the picture, great sketch and good food.

  4. ha! I never thought of Gaudí but you're right it's just like his curvy and eccentric facades! this is a gem Gail!