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Friday, Dec. 14: Swanson's Nursery Reindeer Festival

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lunar New Year

(I actually made it but couldn't find any other sketchers! Of course I was a little late at the meeting spot, and my focus was on all the colors and activity once I got going!)

Unmistakably, Seattle with all the umbrellas.

It was so colorful. I loved it!
I had to wiggle my way up front to get any view of the lion dance.
A lot of these lines are my imagination since I couldn't really see.
Also the rain kept getting my paper wet, then the ink wouldn't work.
I kept wiping my paper with my scarf. It was quite a juggling act.

Watching the martial arts demos, my attention was on the crowd,
especially all the kids. Some were in their festive garb, but mostly covered by raincoats.