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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chinese New Years

Rainy and cold day for sketching. So this is the best I could do. Can you believe after 27 years in Seattle, this was the first time I went to any Chinese New Year's event in the ID district! It was fun to be there and see everyone bring in the new year. Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy New Year!


  1. after a few days sketching at Chinatown this week I totally fell in love with the neighborhood, it's a jewel! love your sketches, i can't zoom in to sketch closeups like you did with the gate, very nice!

  2. These really capture the essence of the place and day, Gail. Very cool!

  3. Gail,
    Regardless of the elements (weather, movement, noise,and temp.) that we talked about, you captured what the day was ultimately about. Culture, family and community.

    Always enjoy your work. - M

  4. I love these. Such rich color, action lines and skilled detail. I loved being in the international district. I think its a great place to sketch!

    Re: your third sketch, the one with the percussion instruments. That same installation was in Olympia last week at "Ethnic Day." I sketched it early Sat am when they were setting up in Olympia.

  5. gorgeous, color-rich -- beautiful! Can feel the day through your sketches.