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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wallingford Center sketchcrawl

It's also taken me a while to post my drawings from January's crawl. Here they are!

A view of Wallingford Center from across the street. On the far left side of the page you should be able to see a tiny silhouette of Gail sketching. I point to it with an arrow.

Gail at work on this awesome sketch.

Over lunch, I browsed through an old issue of a Spanish magazine featuring Gail's uncle, who was a bullfighter in Spain back in the 60s. She brought it so I could see it. What an amazing story!

And last, in case you didn't see it on Facebook or the other blogs where I post, here's a video of me sketching on Capitol Hill. The neighborhood blog contacted me interested in shooting the video while I sketched.


  1. Great Video! and Thanks for the sketch of me and my uncle on the Magazine cover. I just sent it to my family. They will get a kick out of it.

  2. full of life as always! wonderful to see!