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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fishermen's Terminal

My first post on the blog!

A couple of sketches done at the Fishermen's Terminal today.  It was raining and I never got to take out the egg tempera kit that I wanted to try, just sketched around with acrylic inks instead.

The first one is of the fishermen's memorial.  The sketch is a tad bit livelier than it really was -- grey & wet.

The following one is of a single ship.  And no, it was not the sunset behind the ship -- it was the reused sheet of watercolor that I used to sketch on.

Both of these will form part of a book that I hope to bind by hand, made from sheets of watercolor paper that I cut up and recycle this way.  I do a lot of paintings on watercolor paper and have an appallingly low rate of success and it is somewhat pleasurable to not have to throw all that good paper away.