Next Sketch Outing

Sunday, Nov. 18, Julefest at Nordic Museum

Monday, November 23, 2009

Volunteer Park - Conservatory Plants

This was a great first time with the group for me, and I got to meet the terrific sketching/ painting artists of Seattle Sketchers.
I always enjoy the Conservatory in the Park, plus it was nice and warm compared to the cold outside this time.... Above I was centering in on a bromeliad.... And then I went to the cactus (cacti?) section...
Time passed so quickly, and before you knew it, we were all up in the Tower, where I'd never been. It was freezing up there, but great views. I thoroughly enjoyed the passing around of the sketchbooks & chatting. I was very inspired by the variety of styles people had, the subjects they selected to sketch, and, wow, some folks can come up with half a dozen sketches so quickly! Can't wait for next time out with the group!