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Sunday, 12 noon, Dec. 16: Downtown Library

Monday, October 19, 2009

More from Seattle Center - 18 oct

I saw this building, which houses Pottery Northwest and some sort of garage facility for Seattle Center as I was walking to join the sketchcrawl. So, once I'd taken care of the popcorn truck, I went back to check it out. Loved the window, old Rent a Truck sign, the cobalt blue doors and the hanging flowers, each in a new pot presumably created inside.

Murphy's Law of Sketching was in effect: I was sketching propped on a Seattle Center truck parked across the street. Half-way through, the driver of course appeared to drive my seat away. He was very sweetly apologetic.

I stayed on after the official sketchcrawl to see the VanGogh movie at IMAX, and as I was leaving about 3.15p, it was actually sunny! So, one more sketch facing Queen Anne.