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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Monday, October 19, 2009

I enjoyed drawing with everyone. What a nice group Gabi has put together!

Turns out you can see a couple prehistoric creatures through the fence at the Pacific Science Center- I never looked before. Fortunately none were meat-eaters:

Drawing this structure accurately would require all day, and a sharper eye than I have. I think that seagull was mocking me:

Queen Anne Hill is very charming, as long as you don't have to climb it:

No kids riding the Orca's backs today. Even bronze whales like a rest every now and then:

See you all at the International Sketchcrawl, November 21!


  1. Tim, you are a riot. I always love your sketches, now I know I'll have to be careful to read the fine print too.

  2. Hi Tim -- your pictures just knock me out! They are so beautiful. And then you have funny captions, TOO! -- Teresa