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Monday, August 24, 2009

Sketching at Gasworks Park

I had a great time seeing and drawing with all of you at Gasworks. What a nice day it was. I even got to fly a kite for a few minutes when nobody was looking. Hopefully the weather will hold for another month, and I won't have to use Payne's Grey for my skies.

One shouldn't draw at Gasworks Park without drawing the gasworks, so:

Lots of things floating on the water. Boats, planes, birds, etc. These kayaks seemed easiest to draw:
The civil engineer in me often dictates my subject:

All done with 005 Micron pen and watercolor in a small Hand.Book sketchbook. For the record, I really like those Hand.Books.
See you at the locks next month.
Side note to Mark: You were right about the model in that portrait. I thought we were talking about a different drawing. Pigeon has a very unique look.


  1. love all these, Tim, but those kayaks are riveting!

  2. Great line and as always - atmosphere. Saw your note about Pigeon. It was a good likeness! Thought the sun was getting to me.

  3. Hey Tim. Nice framing on these. Creates a nice sense of mystery. They work well as a set too. Three quiet captures of small parts of a larger landscape.