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Friday, Dec. 14: Swanson's Nursery Reindeer Festival

Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome to USk Seattle


The first time I went out to sketch in Seattle with other folks was in March of 2008. It was one of the global sketchcrawl days and we went to the Olympic Sculpture Park, where I drew this view. I had a blast.

Since launching Urban Sketchers last year I've been thinking that something important was missing from the original idea. Then I realized what it was. The main blog brings people from far away places together, but it doesn't necessarily connect the ones who are actually closer to each other, living in the same city. That's the reason behind starting this blog and perhaps others like it for other cities. With USk Seattle I'm looking forward to continue the friendship started back in March of 2008 with fellow local sketchers and to meet new ones in the future.

There are not many rules. Post your location drawings, share your thoughts on the ones posted, and let the group know if you're going out to sketch in case somebody else wants to come along. Let's just have fun with it.