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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Friday, September 11, 2015

Fritz, Zach, and King

Seattle Urban Sketchers' Friday group made an outing all the way south to Puyallup for the Washington State Fair.  Tacoma Urban Sketchers joined us.

Note to self:  next year, do not go to the Fair on opening morning!  Not only was it opening morning, entry from 0900-noon was virtually free as long as one brought a donation of food.  Last time I sketched at the fair it was later in the run and it was raining.

With summer-like weather in the 80's, the place was mobbed!  I couldn't get near any of the small animals I'd hoped to sketch.  Additionally, there were hardly any rabbits as they don't come for another week.  I didn't know they scheduled animals!

After meeting the sketchers, I immediately navigated my way to the Draft Horse barn.  It was closed!   There was just a slit open in the door and it was enough for me to see a bit of the horses to sketch.  I sat my stool off center so I didn't block the door for other people wanting to get a peek.  These are Zach and Fritz.

THEN!  Staff of the Mountain View Belgians   saw me sitting there and invited me in to sketch!  This made my day!   So I got a second sketch from inside the barn.  This is King being unharnessed after the parade.

I wandered around but didn't find another scene I wanted to do.  I was somewhat distracted by the crowds.

We gathered to share our sketches.  In all, I think there were 10 sketchers.  Rom had to leave early.  Then we met 3 more Tacoma USk'ers at the gate as we were leaving.  They arrived late after being stuck in traffic.

Thanks to Gary for taking this photo!

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