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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Monday, June 18, 2012

Comparing Cultures - World Home vs. Home of the immediate future

I really didn't "get" the story behind the build until just before I left Seattle Center and I talked to Jason,  one of the Americorps workers who was making bricks.

 Making bricks for the World Home

The small "World House" (about 12'x15') is typical of houses Habitat builds in third world countries. Currently there are many of these structures in Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries. This structure would house about 6 people. Even though the climate allows for much more outdoor living, it is very small by American standards. The workers were making bricks for the structure's facade.

The larger structure "Home for the Immediate Future" was also relatively small compared to a McMansion. Jason said it is designed to have moveable walls. Except for the "wet areas"--the bathroom, kitchen and laundry area--the walls can be repositioned to allow for expansions and contractions as the family grows, then contracts. 


  1. Great sketches Jane! I love how you were able to capture all the different activities going on there. Great colors!

  2. Nice sketches Jane. And I appreciate the explanations too.