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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Delayed Sketchcrawl Appearance at the Seattle Center

Habitat crew making bricks for the Habitat World House
Some weeks are just bad!  This week was a bad car week.  Besides having our Prius in the shop,  I bottomed out my van at the Seattle Center Parking lot and noticed liquid streaming from the bottom of my car.   Thankfully Steve Reddy was there early and contacted AAA for me and I was able to get my car towed our mechanic.  I did come back late to the sketchcrawl saw Mark Ryan, Gabi Campanario and family and Jane Wingfield.  Jane ended up sketching while I was there so I felt like I had a sketch partner.   Here are sketches I did.  The first sketch done while waiting for the tow truck. This time allowed me to sketch the art screen between the EMP entry and the parking lot.  The second was the House of the Immediate Future...the habitat crew is sitting and having lunch on the right hand side of the sketch.  The last is the tent where bricks were being built for the World House.  This is the house Habitat builds in third world countries.  This is a side by side comparison to the homes we have in the U.S. adjacent to the homes built in the third world.  All in all it was an eventful day.  Hope everyone else had a great time.
Habitat Build Site at Seattle Center

Seattle Center Parking Lot


  1. I love how your sketches give a peek of your day! Hope your weekend improved!

  2. You certainly made good use of your time! You got a lot done in the short time you were there. I was there for 5 hours! Though I did do some meandering.

  3. You had a rough morning. Silver lining is written all over these paintings. You inspire me to be more bold with color.