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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How I spent my Halloween

Thought I'd better post something before you all forgot me. Here is my sketch of one of the lovely greenhouses in the Botanical Gardens in Buenos Aires. They have a distinctly Victorian flair from the time of British influence. The varied architecture is one of the  interesting features of Buenos Aires.


  1. Are you an international spy with art skills? Great sketch, nice job on the ornate iron work. We expect you to rejoin us when the passport runs out of pages...

  2. or sooner! As long as the sketchbook holds out I guess it's a kind of passport too. This vignette glows with color!

  3. Thank you! Don't you think an Urban Sketcher Spy Thriller would be a good movie? Not starring me though. We are home and getting acclimated. Seems kind of cold. Our daughter is coming home from London next weekend so I will miss the outing again. I am dismayed. See you in December for sure.