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Monday, September 25, 2023

Vietnamese Martyrs Parish

I'm fairly certain this was not there last week! While driving another route home yesterday, I noticed the spires above the tree line, which rather startled me. This morning I stopped there on my way back from the post office.

This is the Vietnamese Martyrs Parish Seattle part of the Seattle Archdiocese

This is apparently a parish church but it looks like it's going to be the size of a cathedral…spires and dome included! And a neo Gothic one at that. I think this could turn in to a series as I sketch the progress. I pass by this location at least once a week. 

I found some history (from Vanishing Seattle on FB): In 2018 it was reported the Vietnamese Martyrs Parish in the Central District was to be rezoned & demolished. This particular church community was formed around 1976 with about 50 Vietnamese refugee families and in 2010 officially became Vietnamese Martyrs Parish. It grew to about 1600 families. In 2014, many of the parishioners moved to a temporary location in Tukwila by the Green River, with plans to build a new church & classrooms. I remember watching the new long, narrow, one story building being built about 5 years ago. I never drove in to check but it is that church.

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