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Monday, March 11: Bellevue Square

Friday, August 19, 2022

River in the rain

 We met this morning at the new Duwamish River People's Park. A small, but intrepid, group of sketchers braved the rain to sketch various locations in the park. We had brief respites in between bouts of sprinkles.  Fortunately, it never rained very hard.

I used the "Pete Scully" method:  I put the long handle of the umbrella down my jacket with the large canopy protecting my sketching. 

I had already sketched there a few weeks ago so I had picked the captain's log as my first subject.  A local told me the chair has been there for at least 3 years but the sign was added recently.

There was still some time and so I did a line drawing of the osprey nest with its one chick.

 Some sketchers left early and I didn't get a group photo. 

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