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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Epiphany at Seattle U

It seems fitting I came to this epiphany while sketching at Seattle University, which is a Jesuit Catholic school. See below.

While the early morning rain kept some away, it was an intrepid group of 8 sketchers who met outside St. Ignatius chapel at Seattle University yesterday. While there were indoor or sheltered places to sketch, the rain stopped just as we gathered at 10 am.
Outside surfaces were still damp at 12:30 so our throw down was inside.

Now to my epiphany. Compare these three sketches. The first I did in my usual way... drawn first in pencil and then inked. The next two were bold and direct drawing in ink. So many experienced sketchers say to draw without pencil first and I've finally seen the difference in my drawing.  With that, the painting is also looser.  And I'm also using a larger sketch book: 9x9 inch Bee Super Deluxe. I think the 10x10 workshop I took last year from David Chamness has finally sunk in!

I found a bit of shelter under the structure of the bell tower to sketch this view of St. Ignatius chapel. The Architect was Steven Holl Architects of NYC with Olson Sundberg Architects as the associates here in Seattle. The contractor was Baugh Construction.

Even though it had stopped raining, I went inside to sketch this quite unusual Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

I found a small, hidden park with a picnic table just outside another building. It held this memorial to those "martyred in El Salvador on November 16,1989".


  1. I love to see (and hear) your excitement erupting as the result of "boldly going where woman has not gone before"! It shows in the outcomes of the sketches!! Can't wait to see your next..and the next...!

  2. Its fun when these experiences come upon us isn't it. Nice sketches. I love St Ignacious Chapel.