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July 10 Georgetown Garden Walk

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Columbia City

We met yesterday in the historic district of Columbia City. There were many good sketching subjects within the main street and a block either side.

We had a sketcher join us from Taiwan as he was visiting his sister in Seattle. He couldn't stay for the throw down as she had to get back to work.  There were a least two others who also left early.  Maybe we should start taking a photo at the beginning, too?

Sketchers seemed to be arriving later than usual...perhaps it was the semi truck overturned on I-5! I waited at our meeting spot for an extra long time and did a sketch of the brunch crowd waiting to get into the restaurant.  Done in the pocket Stillman & Birn Beta sketchbook.

After my second sketch on the corner, I walked a block away to sketch the door facade of Columbia School.

My favorite of the day is this sketch of a corner with an antique clock. I'd still wanted to stay fairly close to our meeting spot and this was just across the street.

No more sketchers appeared but I did meet an older couple with a baby in a stroller. She asked, "are you an Urban Sketcher". I think that's the first time I've gotten so specific a question.  Turned out she lives on Vashon Island and had taken a workshop from one of USk Tacoma members, Darsie Beck!. I told her Tacoma was meeting the next day.

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