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Friday, April 19: U Village

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Monthly Outing - Fremont

I was debating with myself as whether or not to sketch under today's high temperature, I figured if coming earlier before the heat raise I'd ok. In fact, there are quite of shades nearby and, so I start from Stature of Lenin (of course) at top left corner.. monochrome street scene of 36th St at top right.  Then our sketchers folks gathering greeting each other with Gabi showing up surprisingly,...
on the bottom is the scene when I walked down to Fremont Sunday's market..sat under a tree (lucky).

Outside the PCC Fremont I saw Fremont bridge in distance (Fremont Pl/36th St),
thought can't exclude it when sketching Fremont neighborhood, right?
I was absent for our ending sketch sharing as having appointment, hope to enjoy others sketches online!

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