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Saturday, July 27: South Lake Union Market

Monday, February 13, 2017

Visited Southern California

Almost every couple of months I would visited Southern CA where my children and G-children lived. These sketches were from recent visit, I was particularly attracted by power poles that seen every where, we are in super digital much relay on electric. It does play a major role in landscape, so does sketching/painting as to add vertical interest.
California Palm trees have lots of variety species.. I like this medium size one named Butia Capitata or Caranday Palm (not sure which). Its texture is challenge on sketch and watercolor. I will not tired of repeating them my next trip.


  1. Lovely texture on the palms! One of my favorite subjects when I visit southern Cal because I can't practice them here!

  2. Excellent trees and poles! I've seen cell towers disguised as palm trees...that would be a combo!

  3. That's why they caught my attention, we do see some of hardy Palm trees growing northwest here, but not as vivid as California ones.