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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Monday, February 13, 2017


While in Vegas this week for the annual Western Society of Criminology conference, I had some down time right when I arrived and then in a late night wander to do a couple of quick sketches. When I got to the Linq hotel I sat down for lunch and people watched in front of the promenade. Vegas is crazy with colors and textures and designs coming from everywhere. I was wandering around on Friday night after the conference panels and stopped by the Linq bar which had two dancers on diagonally placed pedestals with G-strings and ripped fishnets stuffed with 10-20-50 dollar bills surrounded by neon and hanging gold link chains laced with blue jewels with with loud heavy metal  and slot machines playing in the background. As I sat at the bar sketching I couldn't help thinking about who the dancers were, the artistic aspects of the surroundings, and the sexual objectification and empowerment of women. Why were there not also two podiums for scantily clad men in chaps?   The dancers were positioned above everyone with all eyes on them -- amazingly fit, awesome dancers, with cool tattoos, and attitude. It was hard to think of them as anything but aesthetically interesting and powerful which generated some interesting conversations over the following days with male and female colleagues about the range of perspectives of the psychological, sociological, cultural, and aesthetic aspects of  this Vegas tradition.  

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  1. Really great sketches that capture the energy and noise of Vegas! Very interesting social commentary on what you observed there, too. I think Vegas is one of the strangest places on earth.

    - Tina