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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Monday, October 24, 2016

GreenLake in Autumn.

I was listening to a local weather blog the day before our outing and they mentioned that October has had about double its normal rainfall so far.  Given the lashing we took from rain and wind during our previous outing last weekend getting a day like this was just delightful.  Hard to beat a Sunday, with some warmth in the air and a mix of sun and autumn clouds, and a calm day to boot!  Pretty nice.

I keep trying hard to improve my skills drawing people, which is good since it is very difficult to do a sketch at Greenlake and not have tons of people in it.  Even a grungy day here finds lots of folks exercising in some fashion along the lake's Trail.   I did manage to get one view of the lake without people in it but I was stuck when I started looking for my next sketch.  People everywhere.

I was fortunate to have a young couple with their newborn and dog hang around near me for a while which was fun.  No telling how many photos they took, but they kept swapping positions so they could get shots of the baby with the lake in the background.  

A little girl in a polka dot dress came up to the dog and kept pointing to him and making little girl doggie noises.   There were some ducks in the water nearby though and the dog was having none of this little girls attention.  He was watching the ducks intently and only moved again when his owners finally left.

It was interesting to compare notes with everyone after.   I had commented that the colors seemed to be muted this year and I heard a lot of agreement.  Not sure why.  And the leaves that are left wont be around too much longer.  Still, bright color or muted color, I dearly love fall and the rains and clouds and sun and calm that we get while we wait for winter to settle in fully.  It is a great time of year.

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