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Monday, October 24, 2016

Green Lake Sketches - Worth the Wait

2016_10_23 USk Green Lake path

Even if last week's storm was a bit of a dud, I think it was worth postponing our monthly meet for a week. There will be plenty of time to sketch indoors during the drizzle this winter, so yesterday's sunshine was was a lovely gift!
As often happens for me in a new neighborhood, I had a hard time settling on one scene. I wandered about and ended up with three smaller sketches, each maybe 20-30 minutes? It was really a problem of too many choices as Green Lake has so many of the things I like to sketch - gnarly old trees in the park, narrow alleyways between buildings and an abundance of coffee shops!

2016_10_23 USk Green Lake Pet Spa

2016_10_23 USk Green Lake PCC

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