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Oct. 13: Seattle Center

Sunday, July 12, 2015

DUCKs at Westlake Center on Friday

Graphite, DYI Altoids watercolor kit, waterbrush, Pentalic Aqua Journal
I'm not sure if "cute" is a proper urban sketching adjective, but look at it! This is the ticket van for the Seattle DUCKs tours. Westlake Center is one of two stops where you can buy a ticket and take a tour. The wheels had blocks under them while tickets are sold at the north side of Westlake Center, but when they are finished for the day, they take off the blocks and drive away.

I arrived a bit late for the Ad Hoc meet up, so I made the most of my day, sketching the Seattle Ducks ticket van quickly with graphite. It's a mini version of the larger WWII vehicles known as DUCWs. Every so often, a new tour leaves the plaza, blasting upbeat party music. Crazy "captains" take the current ticket holders on a very entertaining ride. The Seattle DUCKs take up to 36 people on a 90 minute amphibious tour of Seattle landmarks. (Explore the link for more info on these amazing vehicles.)

I loved the upbeat party music they played as each new tour DUCK drove away. What a fun morning with Seattle Urban Sketchers, July 10. 2015.

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