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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Way Station Coffee, Drunky's 2 Shoes BBQ and a Concrete Residence

We had a  great day of sketching in a funky little area of Fremont.  What originally drew me to this area was the giant size coffee cup on top of  Way Station Coffee,  I stopped off one day while trying to scope out places for us to sketch and walked around to find some other real interesting buildings, like  Drunky's 2 shoes BBQ and a concrete residence down the block that looks like one of those practice towers they have at Fire stations.   You could sketch in this neighborhood for days.

Here are some photos and sketches from the day.

Concrete residence

Chainsaw Chandelier


  1. I thought the concrete residence was very cool. If only more houses had the same amount of style.

    1. Logan,
      I thought so too. It was industrial and fit in with the neighborhood. There are a couple of residences on that street.