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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sketching the industrial side of Fremont

We met in a different section of Fremont today.  There is about a 4 block portion that has a lot of interesting industrial subjects to sketch.

However, I first went "off piste" and went over to Theo's Chocolates to sketch the first of 24 "Astronauts on the Town".  As part of The Museum of Flight's 50th Anniversary celebration they have launched this public art project. It features 25 six-foot astronaut statues, each painted by local artists and displayed in public locations.  The website has a map.  My summer goal is to sketch them all.  There have been 3 deployed so far.   This is "Happy Constellations" by Fin’es Scott 

Before heading out today, I looked over the suggested locations and picked Fleur de Lis Garden Ornament as my favorite.  It was an odd building that almost seemed to be a tent.

When we met this morning at a coffee shop, I noticed this large tug boat in dry dock down the street. I still had some time, so I got in my boat sketch for Urban Sketchers' weekly theme!

While there, I ran into Michele sketching the same scene from her car.  She has a custom set up to turn the driver's seat into a mobile studio:

We met back up at Way Station Coffee to share out sketches.

Then a few of us went to lunch down the street at the very funky Drunky's Two Shoe BBQ      Others sketched the chainsaw chandelier.  I sketched what was in my field of vision:  the water table on which sat a fern with a horse jumping out of it!

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