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Wednesday, July 17: Fishermen's Terminal

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Central Seattle Community College and the Broadway Market

Before we went to Capitol Hill I had visions of sketching the old buildings and some of the icons there. The combination of sunshine, balmy temperatures, crowds of people and sumptuous fruits and vegies compelled me to shift my focus. Rich colors and lots of people -- sketching magnets for me. 

When I perched myself, however, I just couldn't get the lines I wanted with the combination of paper and pen that I had brought. So I folded my stool and hiked across the street to Blicks for something that would soak up my pen and colors and slow down my lines - Japanese mulberry paper. 

It really was the kind of day you just want to drink in or capture it to put in a bottle - or a drawing - before we have to head indoors for the winter. 

I stuck around a bit after the group and got two more sketches that I just finished with color and scanning. The colors of the tomatoes and the shapes of the people were what appealed to me.


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