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Friday, February 14, 2014

"Friday Sketchers" Gab & Grab

 I'll start with the sketch, which was done on the way home. I stopped at Dick's Drive In for lunch.   I saw this really odd tree where I parked, so I stayed to eat and sketch.
How did those limbs get into such tortured shapes?

This was the "Friday Sketchers" Ad hoc outing at Third Place Commons.  We switched it up a bit.  Tina coined the title, "Gab and Grab".  We spent part of the morning sharing information and kit.  First, the "Gab" part was a brief presentation about a favorite piece of sketching kit or showing "what's in your bag".
Peggy H Showed her stub italic nib from Goulet pens.
Tina with "the Stafano" sketchbook folder and the palette support she invented.

Carlene shows her pen and brush holder. She also showed how she takes a minimal kit when she goes birding.
Every one seemed to have learned something.  I know I have several items written down that I want to try.

The "Grab" part was a trading session.  We brought art supplies we no longer wanted to trade with others.
I forgot to photograph when all the stuff was on the table.
No one wanted the 2 bottles of Noodler's Bulletproof Black!  Tina and I both brought some as neither of us like it. 

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