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Saturday, Dec. 9: Wallingford Center

Friday, January 24, 2014

St. Mark's Cathedral

Today I joined the Friday sketchers for the first time.  I usually don't go because of work, but today I decided I would since the venue was a favorite of mine.  It was nice to sketch in the quiet of the church and have time as Tina said to be able to concentrate on sketching.  The light in the church was streaming through the south facing windows and I was drawn to the contrast and shadows from the urn at the column's base.  I should have taken a picture immediately but I didn't.  By the time I finished my sketch the light had moved and I lost that shadow play.  Live and learn.  I found a sketch I did during a concert of the Northwest Boys Choir. I think it was done 2011.

Altar and Rose window
Sketch during Northwest Boys Choir Concert in 2011


  1. Gail, you've improved with time! The Rose window sketch is just stunning, the color is perfect to convey the glass, the line provides wonderful texture. Really beautiful!

    1. Thanks Stephanie, of course the 2011 sketch was done during a concert and probably in 35 min! The other I had concentrated focused time of probably an hour.