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Monday, December 16, 2013

Gabi on TV

Tina has already described our outing to see Gabi on TV.  I'll just add a few of my cents, my sketches and a couple photos.

While we were waiting, I sketched the station's lobby with the Christmas tree from the second story balcony.

Once seated in the studio, I sketched the set, thinking that's where Gabi would sit for the interview.  I had most of it done, just waiting for his segment.

Since Gabi's segment wasn't recorded there, I finished it with just the host, Kim.

But it turned out they set up a table with his sketches.  That's where the interview took place.  This was set up before the previous segment was recorded, so I could get most of it sketched before his interview started.  Here is the interview.   (It starts with an ad)

Here's Gabi talking with the audience during the break after his segment recorded.

Since it was a sketch outing, we had to do the requisite pose with our sketch books, standing with a poster of the King-5 mascot.

Me, Tina, Natalie

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