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Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Productive Meeting

Yesterday, I sat in a meeting near the window that overlooks the Cascade P-Patch in the South Lake Union area.  The colors of this Autumn have been particularly striking, and I wanted to sketch this scene - except, I had no supplies!  So I grabbed a sheet of copy paper, and a pencil and sketched away.  (see the original pencil sketch below.)  Once I was home, I decided to "paint" the scene with my Inktense colored pencils, using my sketch as reference.  (When I was growing up, my Mom often made great pencil sketches, and then upon returning home, she painted full-size watercolors from her sketch.)

Then, using my original sketch as reference, I rendered the sketch again, in ink.  That's because I had a NEW PEN AND NIB I wanted to try out.  Fellow urban sketcher Tina had given me her Noodler's Ahab pen with a bent nib, so I replaced it with a GOULET steel nib, a 1.1mm STUB ITALIC.  I think you can see why I fell in love with this nib the minute I started using it!  Now I want to go out and sketch everywhere with my stub italic nib!

Here's the original pencil sketch, made with your basic yellow No. 2 pencil!!  Even so, it confirmed how much I enjoy pencil sketching!

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