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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Edmonds town center seemed subdued after the Fremont Festival

It was the Edmonds Theater that caught my eye in this sketch, though it was a lot to tackle.  I think I'll try to go back sometime this summer to work on some different scenes. I really didn't even think of going down to the waterfront when that is sort of the essence of Edmonds. I think I'll go for something more simple next time. 

I did have fun at the Honk Fest West at Gasworks on Saturday after the Solstice Parade. It was quite a congregation with several bands providing surround sound and thousands of people in various stages of undress. This drawing done from the hill doesn't come close to capturing the throngs. 


  1. There are fun vibrant sketchpad. . Summer in Seattle comes alive in them.

  2. Jane, these sketches are so lively! I admire how you can include so much detail in your line drawing yet show restraint with the watercolor!

  3. Love these, especially the one at Gasworks. Nice job on the people!