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Sept. 22: Columbia City

Sunday, April 14, 2013

39th WW Sketchcrawl at UVillage

Our 39th World Wide Sketchcrawl was Brrrr Cold!  But luckily we avoided the hail storm that hit us in the late afternoon.  The task was to find a warm place to sketch.  No rain but the wind was biting.
I was able to do two sketches outside. Only the first in front of Room & Board was done all on site in one sitting.  The second sketch I drew but had to leave for a warmer place before I could add watercolor.  I came back after lunch to lay on watercolor.
The third sketch was in the nice warm Starbucks coffee shop... with a steaming peppermint mocha.

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  1. Awesome sketches! I am looking forward to the April workshop! Thanks for setting up this sketch "shiver" crawl.