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Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Serene and Inspiring Time at St. James Cathedral

Just walking into the cathedral evokes awe.  It was a few minutes of upward gazing before most sketchers  settled on the particular view/angle they would sketch.  Quite a few of us sketched the high ceiling, particularly where light streamed in from the skylight.
In this watercolor, I had "prepped" the Arches CP paper with a diluted acrylic wash.  You can see some of it just right of center.
Before I had attempted those vaulted ceilings, I did a pen and ink sketch of the baptistery.  I added a bit of watercolor when I came home.

I said it was an inspiring morning largely because of the wonderful sketches everyone shared afterwards.  I am so awed by the artistry of the Seattle sketchers!


  1. YOU'RE one of those artists, Peggy - these are awesome!

  2. I am so awed by your artistry..and the inspiration you share. Sorry I could not be there.